Climate benefit

Sustainability is not some extra layer of consideration. Thinking about climate benefit should come naturally and be incorporated from the first design to reuse and recycling.

The most sustainable building is the one that is never built. But making active material choices and taking smart decisions along the whole chain means we can now build with much greater resource efficiency. The choices we all make on a daily basis also have a role to play. The materials we consume are a major factor in reducing our carbon emissions and our environmental footprint. 

To drive through the transition to a circular economy, we also need to think about reusing materials before their end of life.

But there is more to climate-aware thinking than just materials and emissions. Social and economic sustainability is at least as important. Our wood industry has a presence across Sweden, with around 140 sawmills currently in operation, producing a joint output of 18–19 million cubic metres. In fact, the wood industry accounts for around 4–6 percent of the Swedish industrial sector’s total employment, exports and value added. The industry thus makes a huge contribution to society and prosperity, employing people throughout the country. In addition to the tax that it pays and the wood products that are in such high demand, the wood industry also creates local jobs and demand for other local products and services. 

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