Wooden tower Norra Länken

“Wood was the ideal material for the parkland location, in contrast to the function of ventilating the underground road tunnel.”


“The super triangle isn’t just an exciting architectural shape. It’s also the result of meticulous airflow calculations.”

Henrik Rundquist

The function of the tower is to vent air from the road tunnels of the North Link highway. With the tower located in the Royal National City Park, the design and its relation to the surrounding parkland were important, which is why the decision was made early on that the tower should be built in wood. This also sets the ventilation tower apart, challenging the general understanding of what technical functions usually look like. The tower is 20 metres tall and based around a super triangle, which twists upwards about its own axis. The triangular shape is determined by the air flow, which is improved by the aerodynamic design.

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